ASEAN book publishers hold AGM in Singapore.

The Director of Language and Literature Bureau (DBP), Dr Mataim Bakar, who is also the Vice-President of Asean Book Publishers Association (ABPA) and the chairman of Brunei Book Publishers National Council (JKKPBNBD), attended the 4th annual general meeting (AGM) of ABPA in Singapore recently.

He was accompanied by an officer from DBP, Dyg Hjh Siti Zaleha Hj Kaprawi, who is also the secretary of JKKPBNBD. The two officers attended the opening ceremony of the 23rd World Book Fair 2008 at Suntec; the Singapore Book Industry Seminar entitled "From Book to Bestseller: Writing, Publishing and Marketing your Work"; and the launching of the ABPA website.

The 23rd World Book Fair 2008 was officially opened by Singapore's Minister of Information, Communications and Arts, Dr Lee Boon Yang, who spoke highly on the future of the book publishing industry. Shortly after the opening ceremony, the minister also visited the ABPA pavilion, which exhibited the publications of books from member nations, including Brunei.

The Singapore Book Industry Seminar and the launching of the ABPA website ( were chaired by the Executive Director of the National Book Development Council of Singapore, R Ramachandran.

Panellists of the Singapore Book Industry Seminar included Erik Hartmann from GoogleBooks, delivering "E-Marketing"; Richard Lord, author of books including Best of Singapore Erotica; Elise Everarda, writer of best-selling book on Burma and Yoga; and 14-year-old Sri Lankan writer who has published three novels.

At the AGM chaired by Atty Dominador D Buhain, various plans were discussed, such as each member country could actively engage in multilingual and multicultural co-publishing and translation. - Borneo Bulletin.


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