Three Plays Performed To Promote Literature.

Three theatre plays from the "Pantaran Sastera" Project were performed at the Balai Sarmayuda, Language and Literature Bureau in Berakas on 3 June 2008. Present as the guest of honour was Dato Paduka Awang Haji Jemat bin Haji Ampal, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. In his welcoming speech, Dr Mataim bin Bakar, Director of the Language and Literature Bureau, said that the project is a part of the year-long activities organised by the bureau to expose literature to the general public while providing an avenue where literature experts can come together to share their experiences and also cultivate interest in the subject. He said that the project is a long term endeavour and that there are plans to showcase Brunei talents in the literature field not only in the four districts but in neighbouring Malaysian areas like Lawas, Limbang and Miri.

The night showcased three groups, including (Triple S) and Ada Ada Saja from UBD, as part of the activities jointly organised by Jabatan Kesusasteraan Melayu, Fakulti Sastera dan Sosial Sain, UBD and "Kelab Rakis dan Kelab Teater" through the KE3202 (Drama Melayu) course. While the other group was Kumpalan Teater DBP from the Language and Literature Bureau. The first of the three plays saw Triple S perform "Duit Punya Fasal" in which Muhammadd Azmi bin Haji Zaini, Creative Director, explored the difficulties faced by manpower agencies in a Middle Eastern setting. This was followed by "Bicara rokok" by Kumpulan Teater DBP and "Pelancong di Brunei Darussalam" by Ada Ada Saja. The night included poetry recitals. - Borneo Bulletin.


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