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Books about Foreign Cultures

The first great flood of books for teenagers was in the United States; but since World War II, writer all over the world have been creating a similar literature for their own young people. This is said to be the golden age of teenage literature in Australia and Sweden, and masses of books published in England for their own teens are crossing the Atlantic to be read by American adolescents.

Some German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, and Russian teen books are reaching our shores via translation. In addition, many books written by American authors who have often lived in other parts of the world and have an intimate knowledge of the culture, people, and locale, have a foreign setting and charaters. The Shadow of a Bull by Maia Wojciechowska is an American author's evocation of a teenager's problem with traditional expectations in Spain.

Translated books are difficult for the American teenager and are therefore less popular than books written by American. A German author do…