The Extreme Future: The Top trends That Will reshape The World In The Next 20 Years.

A radical new future is coming - an Extreme Future. Learn what a leading global futurist has identified as the top trends that will affect every business and individual in the twenty-first century.

In the tradition of Future Shock, Megatrends, and The Tipping Point, The Extreme Future is the essential trends handbook for navigating the twenty-first century. If you want to know what's next - read this book.

Dr. James Canton advises Fortune 1000 companies and international goverments on global forecasts. Discover the trends that will create risk and opportunity in the future, which include: the strategies businesses must implement to compete, the innovations that will transform the global economy, the climate change and energy trends that will reshape the planet, the astounding medical breakthrought that will extend life spans, and the global truggle that will follow the rise of China.

The Extreme Future is coming, whether you choose to response or not. What actions are you ready to take?


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