Bureau plays vital role in spreading language, literature.

The Language and Literature Bureau plays an important role to produce new and young writers who will be able to assist and support as well as implement roles and responsibilities of the bureau in collectively spreading the Malay language and literature widely.

In this regard, the bureau, through its Publication Planning Section, is currently conducting a workshop on Children Novel Writing, to help writers channel their work that is relevant.

Facilitated by Mohd Zefri Ariff, the four-day workshop, which began yesterday at the Balai Sarmayuda of the bureau, aimed to produce talented new and young writers in the children literature genre and guide them to producing a quality children's novel.

The workshop also introduced techniques of writing children's novel; introduce and draw children's interest to read and appreciate the message in the novel; and to provide an understanding of the process of publication.

Yesterday's workshop touched on the introduction topics - comprising definition and structure of story/fiction; definition of novel, literature and community; novel and children; novel writing methods; narratives on facts, abstract, concrete and visual text; and reality and imagination. - Borneo Bulletin