YSHHB Islamic Literature Award for best writers.

The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation (YSHHB) will for the first time be holding an 'Award in Islamic Literature' ceremony to honour writers who have produced high quality work. This is in view of the development of literature writing - particularly Islamic literature - which has undoubtedly won the hearts of the community here.

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office is expected to grace the upcoming award ceremony. Prior to the award ceremony, HRH will deliver a sabda announcing the recipients of the 'Tokoh Sasterawan Islam Brunei' and 'Pelopor Kesusasteraan Moden Brunei.' The award ceremony will be held once every three years, with the first one scheduled to be held on November 5 at the International Convention Centre.

YSHHB Managing Director Dato Paduka Hj Ali Hashim Hj Mohd Daud and Language and Literature Bureau Director Dr Mataim Hj Bakar disclosed this yesterday during a press conference held at the foundation's complex in the capital. The award is to honour and encourage writers who have produced high quality literature based on Islam, pay homage and spread Islam among people in the region through literature, and increase the production of Islamic literature base.

The event also aims to extend appreciation and recognition to writers for their continuous contribution in enriching the nation's Islamic literature heritage, recognise Islamic literature as a quality genre written by Islamic writers in Malay and spread the usage of the Malay language in the country. It also aims to upgrade the status of Islamic writers based on recognition of their work, spread the concept of the Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy more effectively and widely through the literatry writings, collect Islamic literature that have been recognised through publication, and upgrade the position of the Sultanate as a country that strongly holds on to Islamic teachings.

The rules and regulations for the nominated piece of work include: it must showcase authority and high quality Islamic literature that covers aspects in contents and techniques that can contribute to the art of beauty to upgrade the prestige of Ummah, possess pure Islamic qualities, it can be upheld all times, it can bring about issues on the internal and external purity and dignity of human beings, their relation with nature and their relation with the creator.

To qualify for nomination of the award, the writer must be a Brunei citizen and a Muslim. The piece of work is evaluated in the form of books or anthology that is written in Malay (either written in Jawi or Rumi), must be published in the period of five years, original and not adapted, translated or so forth.

Works that have been awarded locally or internationally are not qualified for nomination. The best individual piece of work will be selected to receive the 'Anugerah Kesusasteraan Islam YSHHB' and it must be published by the Language and Literature Bureau, Islamic Dakwah Centre, UBD, other government institutions, private publishers and individuals. The recipient will be awarded with a $15,000 cash prize, certificate, plaque and a souvenir.


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