Local literary figures at poetry festival in Miri.

Two local poets are currently participating in a poetry festival at Niah National Park in Miri an the effort to create awareness on the richness of the natural beauty, flora and fauna and the need to safeguard them for future generation.

Organised by the Department of National Heritage, Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage in Malaysia; Miri Resident Office and Sarawak Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism from Nov 8 to 11. 

The two Bruneians - Nurfik and ZAB - have joined other international poets such as Supardi of Indonesia, Naowarat Phongphaibun of Thailand, Djamal Tukimin of Singapore, V I Braginskiy of Russia and Cai Jiwcheng of China.

The event also features Malaysia's established poets such as national laureates A Samad Said and Muhammad Haji Salleh, Dr Siti Zainon, Dr Lim Swee Tin and Rajeswari as well as Putera, Abizai, Poul Nanggang and Jaya Rimba from Sarawak.

The former curator of Sarawak Museum, Lord Cranbrook, who wrote many books on Southeast Asia wildlife was also invited to make an emotional return to the country.

Entitled "Festival of International Heritage Poetry", the event is themed "Culture and Nature: Forest, Caves and Swiftlets" and poems to be recited were themed accordingly.

Aside from poetry recital and cultural performances, the 30 participants were also taken on a guided tour to Chang Long House, Painted Caves and Great Caves which are all in the vicinity of the Niah National Park.

The poets are also expected to compose heritage poems during the event which will be translated into English for publication purposes.


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