Malay literature not fully exploited.

Despite being so rich, not much has been written about Malay literature. Highlighting the works of many Malay writers, Hjh Aminah Hj Momin, the acting director of the Language and Literature Bureau, said not much has been written about literary figures such as Muda Omar' Ali Saifuddien, Yahya MS, Badaruddin HO, Adi Rumi, Wijaya, Shukri Zain, Yura Halim, Muslim Burmat, Norsiah MS, K Manis, Hashim Hamid, Patani and Rahimi AB, which can be a rich source of knowledge for all.
Speaking during the closing of a Malay literature research workshop at the bureau's building yesterday, she said the main role of the bureau was to make sure that works of these figures reach to the public and that it was high time that the department started publishing books on their writings as the bureau has many award-winning writers who have promoted the image and name of Brunei.
The bureau is the right place for such people to fulfil their role that is consistent with their tasks as editors, proof-readers and researchers.
"If this issue was not tackled seriously, we may lose this treasure concerning our literary figures, their thoughts and works," she said.
Stressing the importance of the workshop, the acting director said the department has a shortage of officials and staff that can write working papers on the issue which are discussed at seminars and symposiums nationally and internationally.
"Our department is working in close collaboration with regional and international organisations that specialises in promoting Malay literature," she said.
She hoped that the theme of the literature research workshop, which is to "increase research activities towards strengthening publishing" will achieve its desired objectives.
"In the field of research, the use of language is very important because it is used as a tool or medium to develop an essay, article or a story," she said, stressing the need for Malay literature researchers to master the language as expressions or words are very important to attract the attention of the readers.
She also highlighted the choice of right diction which is important when it comes to content of writing.
"For me, this is a very good opportunity for you to learn from the participants that are from the magazine and journal division, the division of book programmes as well as the research and documentation division," she said.


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